Volo Press Books: The New Author's Ally

You've written a book (or have a book idea you want written). But you've never written /  published anything in your life. Where do you start? With Volo Press Books! 

We specialize in working with new writers and helping them navigate the process of becoming an independent author who keeps their own copyright, keeps their royalties, and has full creative control over their work, without sacrificing quality and professionalism. 

Our international team of professionals offers a wide range of services including: 

  • Book project consultation
  • Book coaching
  • Book outlining
  • Book ghostwriting
  • Screenplay writing
  • Script editing and critique
  • Book developmental editing
  • Book line editing
  • Book copy editing
  • Book research and fact-checking
  • E-book layout / formatting
  • Typesetting (print book layout)
  • Cover design (e-book and print book)
  • Custom illustration
  • ISBN assignment
  • Library of Congress Control Number assignment
  • Copyright application
  • Author online presence setup (blog, email, and social media)
  • Author publishing account setup (Ingram or KDP)
  • Book promotion services (digital, physical, radio, etc.)
  • Book translation (Spanish, French, and Chinese)



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Tenesha L. Curtis: CEO, Indie Author, Book Nerd

Tenesha L. Curtis is the owner and operator of Volo Press Books, Writerwerx, and Pleascentries. She has been reading since before entering the public school system and writing fiction and nonfiction since elementary school. Her passion for helping people guided her to a career in psychotherapy for most of her adult life. After moving from her hometown of Louisville, Kentucky to Atlanta, Georgia in 2014, she started looking at writing as more than just a craft that she loved and took steps to turn that into her career as well. Volo Press has helped her blend her helpful nature with her love of writing by supporting people as they begin their writing projects and literary careers. Tenesha's latest personal projects are:

  • Manifest Agony: A murder mystery with fantastical elements scheduled for release in the early 2021.
  • The 12-Month Manuscript: A no-nonsense, realistic guide to getting your manuscript completed in a year or less—no matter how busy you are. Release in January of 2020.  

Volo Press Books Projects

The Naked Pharaoh by Henry Mpagazi

AJ Overcomes: Cyberbullying by Diandra Walker

Cast the First Stone by Michael Burkhalter