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Artists Helping Artists

The Volo Press Books Team

Volo Press Books is a concierge publishing agency. This means that we do whatever a client needs done in order to help improve their text-based projects. One person may need a screenplay edited, another may need a children's book illustrated, and yet another may simply want their finished novel proofread. 

We are a collection of creative professionals like yourself who provide the services needed to satisfy our clientele. If you decide you would like to be part of our team, you simply need to show us what you can do. 

Don't Put All Your Eggs in Our Basket

Though we are growing year after year, connecting with us would still not mean a full workload. You should continue to nurture your own independent business, work your full-time job, or do whatever else ensures the financial stability of you and your family. Each available opportunity will be announced on our team Facebook page, along with deadlines, pay,, and other pertinent details so that you can be certain of what you're getting yourself into before you commit to a project. 


Volo Press Books offers services on a pre-paid basis, meaning the funds for the work you will complete have already been collected (saving you from getting short-changed) and you'll know up front exactly how much you'll earn. 

Payment Plans

Many large projects (such as full publishing services for a 200,000-word novel) end up with a hefty price tag. In these (and even some lower-cost) cases, a customer may opt into an auto-pay plan. They divide the payments for their project up over as long as 36 months. When this happens, we usually wait until enough funds have been received to pay for the next step in the project before even announcing the job, so not much should change on your end. However, if someone is on a tight deadline, they may request that we post the job and see if anyone is willing to be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly instead of getting a lump some after their portion of the project is completed. This will be clearly noted in the job posting and you're welcome to take the job or pass as you please. 

Referral Fees

If you have a customer that comes to you with a larger project than you can handle alone, you're more than welcome to send them our way. When you provide us with new clientele like this, you will receive a referral fee, in addition to your payment for work completed. 

For example, a graphic designer might get contacted by someone needing quotes for a book cover. The client may also ask if the designer knows any developmental editors, copy editors, or digital formatting specialists. The designer refers the client to us, is flagged as the one who will complete that job for the client, and are paid a percentage of the project total depending upon the size and scope of the endeavor. 

Get On Our Contractor List

Please only apply if you meet ALL THREE of the following eligibility criteria: 

  1. Have a CashApp, Venmo, or PayPal account (click the links to open one for free). 
  2. Have a Facebook account (click the link to create one).
  3. Can document your skills with samples of projects you have completed.