Publishing Pulse: September 2019

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Nine months after you stated your new year's resolution, how far have you gotten?


Write First, Publish Later 

If you want to publish a book, you have to have a manuscript (i.e., something to publish) first. Though other processes such as editing and formatting will eventually help mold your initial draft into the masterpiece that will make you millions (that you will share with me, of course!), your main objective is to hit the necessary word count and complete your story / content so you can start the editing process and eventually work your way toward publication.  


The Manuscript Measure

In order to complete a manuscript that just crosses the border into Novelopolis, you'll need to write 110 words per day for 365 days. If you had been doing that since 1.1.19, you should have about 28,160 words. That's just over 70% of a novel. The numbers will vary based on the length of book you're trying to achieve. 

Novelette: 7,500+ words / 365 = 21 words per day

Novella: 17, 500+ words / 365 = 48 words per day

Epic: 110,000+ words / 365 = 302 words per day


It's Never Too Late

Just like starting a diet "on Monday," one of the biggest obstacles to getting your manuscript started is the fact that you may have the urge to wait until January 1st of next year. There is no logical reason to do this. If you want to start writing, do it right now. In the time it takes you to crank out a few tweets or thumb out a couple of Facebook posts, you could have taken the first step toward becoming a published author like you always wanted. Start writing right now! Just so you have an example, please be aware that this paragraph you're reading is 110 words long. 


Still need help? 

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