Cast the First Stone (Paperback)

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What if there were only three commandments instead of ten

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In his debut book, Cast the First Stone, Dr. Michael Burkhalter walks the reader through the ways in which many Christians are currently failing God, why this is happening, and what can be done about it. God’s worshipers tend to over-complicate what it means to be good Christians and good people. This book boils all the complex laws, ordinances, and principals put forth in the Holy Bible down into three simple tenets that were prescribed by Jesus just before His ascension. Perfect as a Bible study supplement, sermon series outline, or a tool for showing a non-believer the power and love of God, Cast the First Stone is a volume every Christian should have in their collection.

Dr. Michael Burkhalter has been working in and around the church for more than 25 years, teaching students about various aspects of Christianity. He is the father of three amazing daughters (Ashlee, Oceana, and Caylee) and currently resides in Easley, South Carolina.


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