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Upload your book and let's get started!


You have a manuscript all typed up. Now let's turn it into an e-book! Upload your manuscript, choose an approximate word count, submit payment (or setup installments), and let us do the rest of the grunt work for you!


eBooks for Authors

Digitizing your work offers a multitude of benefits: 

  • Reach a wider audience (think beyond national, go global!)
  • Save money on printing, shipping, and storage costs. 
  • Make updates and changes as you need to at no charge. 
  • Generate higher profits since there is virtually no overhead or stocking costs. 

eBooks for Businesses

eBooks offer businesses a unique opportunity to: 

  • Show what they know to the public. 
  • Help the public (encouraging them to convert to paying customers!).
  • Put out a product that draws leads to the business (compared to methods like cold-calling or passive display advertising). 

All prices provided represent a discount given to those who pay in a single payment. Installment payments may be slightly higher to incorporate higher risk and increased processing fees.