Manifest Agony

Manifest Agony

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His best lead may be his most likely suspect...

Allon is a detective working to solve the case of a serial killer running loose in his city before anyone else is murdered. When he stumbles upon the exotic-looking Duo Corr at the scene of one of the murders, he's left alarmed, frustrated, and confused when Duo vanishes before his eyes. With clues about who the killer is seeming to always be just beyond his reach, Allon finds himself relying on the mysterious Duo more than he expected to. But, with Duo's help, Allon finds that the culprit in all this carnage is closer to home than Allon ever expected. 

Mystery / Urban Fantasy 

Release scheduled for January 7th, 2020. 


Note: This book is in the final stages of production, so plot points, character names, and other details could differ from the final product.