A Piece of Me with HIV

Shyronn Jones

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A Piece of Me with HIV

Born into severe racial tensions, gentrification, violence, and drugs, Shyronn Jones had a lot to deal with in her early years. Not wanting to add unplanned pregnancies and STDs to the list, she abstained from sex until the age of eighteen. Losing her virginity, then discovering she acquired HIV at the age of twenty-two, caused her ongoing hurt throughout her life. Still she's found the strength to persevere, cherish and educate her children, and become an advocate for people living with HIV and a trainer to those seeking a deeper understanding of the condition. 

Please don't forget to visit Shyronn's website at to find out how you can learn more about people living with HIV and become more involved in causes tied to making sure that you treat someone living with this condition with the respect and dignity that they deserve. 

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