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NOW OPEN► Grand Opening Novel Contest | First 5,000 words of your published novel. | 1.1.2020 through 2.29.2020

Pocket Poetry Contest | 100-word poem on any topic. | Opens 3.1.2020

Slight Short Story Contest | 5,000 words. | Opens 6.1.2020

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Probably You (if you entered)


The Grand Opening Novel Contest pits your first 5,000 words against novelists from all over the country. If you have a riveting first 5,000 and an ISBN (no matter how you were published), you have a shot to win!

Chuck Holmes: Slight Short Story 2019


Chuck Holmes deals with everything from the so-called "good old days," to politics to just how good that Samaritan really was in "More Than Just Cellular.'

The 60-plus essays see a number of the world's facets, but--in a way--all from the same point of view: that we need to take lessons from those who teach us to be more compassionate and avoid those who want to separate us. In the essays Holmes uses his experiences as a lifelong Southerner, in advertising, as a political consultant, as a Sunday School teacher, and as a husband, father, and grandfather to inform his views.

Check in on Chuck at his website:

Sean McMahon: Grand Opening 2019


Winner: Grand Opening Novel Contest: 2019

 Sean McMahon is a graduate from the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey where he received a Bachelor's Degree in Literature. He currently resides in a small seaside town on the Jersey shore. 

Two A.M. Flavored Coffee is his first novel.

To learn more about Sean McMahon, follow his blog at:

Chris Widney: Pocket Poetry 2019


Winner: Pocket Poetry Contest: 2019 

Chris Widney is a New York City based playwright, book writer and lyricist who spends as much time as possible wandering around in the mountains.  Full length plays, “Big, Fat And Ugly With A Moustache” (Perry Street Theatre, NYC), “Family Men” (Arden, Philadelphia), “The Normals” (Luna Stage, NJ), “Consumed” (Barter Theatre, VA) along with one-acts and musicals have been presented and honored in theatres around the world including The Actors Theatre Of Louisville and City Theatre, Miami.  Chris is a member of The Dramatists Guild, the BMI Workshop, and a graduate of the Musical Theatre Writing Program at NYU. 

Writing Contests

Questions and Answers: Contests

What are Writing Contests? 

Writing contests offer a way for you to see how your work stands up to writers in a similar category. You submit your work (after making sure it meets the contest guidelines) and your entry fee, if applicable. Then you wait to hear back from the judges whether or not you win any of their awards. 

When are Writing Contests Open? 

There are thousands of writing competitions open all throughout each year. Many places have lists of the most current writing competitions in your genre or category. Volo Press in particular has contests for novels, short stories, and poetry that take place at different times throughout each year. 

Do I have to pay an entry fee? 

Not always. There are lots of free writing competitions. There are also contests with entry fees of $75 and up. Sometimes fees are a major factor in a website being able to remain operational or compensate people working behind the scenes on administrative tasks like vetting entries. Other times, there are nonprofit groups who are using the contest to raise money and awareness for a particular demographic or cause. But just because a contest is free, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's less prestigious or rewarding to become a winner of that particular contest. 

Why would I want to enter a writing contest? 

Writing contest offer a lot of benefits, whether you win or not. For anyone who enters, submitting your work helps you manage your anxiety about entering the contest (you see that you're not going die after you click submit!). If you win a prize, you get general bragging rights (friends, family, social media, etc.). You also have something to add to your resume, LinkedIn profile, and author website. For many contests, you'll also be given a cash prize to help you buy books, pay bills, or enter more contests! 

Writing contests help you build your reputation as a writer.

Writing contests help you build your reputation as a writer.