Cash Referral Program

Cash Referrals for Helping Authors, Job-seekers, and Business Owners

Cash for Your Connections

If you don't know a writer, entrepreneur, or job-seeker, you might need to get out more. For those of you who do, you can turn that relationship into cash. If you know someone who can use our services or would like to participate in one of our festivals as a vendor, advertiser, or performer, send them our way. We'll reward you via CashApp. They get the help they need, you get paid for it, we get a new client—everybody wins!


Ways to Pay

We offer two payment strategies for our clientele.

Our 'Payment plan' (pp) option allows the customer to make payments as frequently as is comfortable for them, choosing any amount of at least $25.

'Lump sum' (ls) means the customer pays their entire balance in a single transaction. Because of the variations in risk, project length, and administrative fees, we pay different amounts depending upon the payment strategy the customer chooses. 


Writerwerx Day 2020

To refer someone to Writerwerx Day, send them to The referral fee schedule is as follows. 

  • Performance Slot: $5
  • Business Card Ad: $10
  • Quarter-page Ad: $15
  • Half-page Ad: $20
  • Full-page Ad: $30
  • Single Booth: $25
  • Double Booth: $50
  • Feature Article: $50

If someone chooses to pay their fee over the course of 60 days instead of up front, the above payouts will be delivered once the final payment is received. 

Volo Press Books

To refer someone to Volo Press, send them to . 

Here is a list of our participating writing, editing, and design services and their respective referral bonuses. All projects must be at least 10,000 words / 40 pages. 

  • Title Creation: $5 pp and ls
  • Outlining: $20 pp | $40 ls
  • Ghostwriting: $100 pp | $500 ls
  • Content Editing: $25 pp | $50 ls
  • Copy Editing: $30 pp | $75 ls
  • Digital Formatting: $25 pp | $50 ls
  • Print Formatting: $30 pp | $75 ls
  • Standard Cover Design: $10 pp | $25 ls
  • Premium Cover Design: $25 pp | $50 ls
  • Proofreading: $25 pp | $50 ls
  • Publish their finished manuscript (edit, prep, and publish): $50 pp | $250 ls
  • Plan, create, and publish their idea: $100 pp | $500 ls

Epic Cash Referral Bonuses

We have special bonuses for those who bring us projects over 100,000 words (about 400 pages) that are paid for in a lump sum.

Epic à la Carte

If you refer someone for any text-based à la carte service (just content editing, only proofreading, etc.), who has a manuscript of 100,000 words or more, and they pay in a lump sum, we will double your cash. For example, if someone has a 110,000-word science fiction manuscript they want us to copy edit, your bonus increases from $250 to $500

Epic Finish

If you refer someone who has already written a complete manuscript and just wants us to finish the processing and publishing (content editing through scheduling a release date), we will triple your bonus. For example, if you refer someone with a 105,000-word memoir they want us to publish for them, your bonus would increase from $250 to $750

Epic All In

If you refer someone who wants us to publish their book idea of 100,000 words or more (they don't have anything written down, just a concept they want us to write and publish) and they pay in a lump sum, you'll earn $9,000!