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Volo Press Books is a writing and publishing firm geared towards helping businesses and individuals meet their literary goals. We provide services such as ghostwriting (blogs, menus, resumes, novels, etc.), editing, cover design, formatting, and proofreading. 

Writerwerx is our group (soon to be a physical location in the Atlanta metro area—click here to donate!) that is geared toward helping people write what they want in the most engaging way possible. This means generating ideas, sharing perspectives, getting feedback, and accessing services related to consuming and creating literature (from flash fiction to textbooks!). 

Pleascentries is the Volo Press Books home decor and cosmetic line. Pleascentries products include candles, wax tarts, and body oils. 



Email: Publish@VoloPressBooks.com

Phone: 404.579.7252

Facebook: Facebook.com/volopress

Twitter: Twitter.com/volopressbooks

Instagram: Instagram.com/volopressbooks

LinkedIn.com: LinkedIn.com/company/volopressbooks



In order to maintain competitive pricing, Volo Press Books, Writerwerx, and Pleascentries do not accept refunds or exchanges. You are welcome to discuss any problems or complaints with us via the Messenger app on Facebook, direct messaging on Twitter, or by emailing us a Publish@VoloPressBooks.com or calling 404.579.7252.