Title Creation

Coming up with a name for your masterpiece can be difficult. But there are a few methods that can be employed to help you come up with a list of book titles to choose from. As always, we're here to help! So if you're tired of struggling with it, complete the form below and we'll be in touch. 

Want to do it yourself? Scroll to the bottom for our DIY book title list creation guide.

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How to Create a Title List for Your Piece

Don't Box Yourself In

There are dozens of methods that people use for coming up with a title for their books, short stories, poems, songs, and other pieces of literature. The first thing it's helpful to do is be open minded.You could miss a lot of great opportunities if you limit yourself to one method or one particular 'type' of title. 

Brainstorm Book Titles

Brainstorming has been around as long as human beings have existed. This method involves make a list of ideas for titles in an open, fluid way. Even in just a few minutes you could come up with quite a substantial list of options. Just remember never to censor yourself while you're writing. Whatever comes to mind, no matter how "silly" or "extravagant," write it down. Once you think your brain is empty, walk away from the list for about a day. When you revisit, read each of the titles out loud, followed by your byline, to see which ones sound the best ("The Limp Tiger by Tenesha L. Curtis," "Quarantangential by Tenesha L. Curtis," etc.). 

Once you've narrowed the list down, use a service like Canva to quickly and easily create a book cover that you think might fit your project and see which titles look the best on paper. 


Use a Title Generator

A popular method, that often garners hilarious results, is to use an online title generator to give you ideas of what to name your piece. Some are bare bones and random, just giving you any old combination of words that may or may not work for your story. TitleGenerator.com is an example of this. Others are rather sophisticated and take into account specifics like your genre or traits of your main character. Visit Kindlepreneur.com for a list of title generators to help you get started. And remember: You don't have to use whatever titles pop up. You can write them down and make them part of your overall brainstorm. With a little tweaking from you, they just might turn into that perfect title you were looking for! 


Let the People Decide

Give people (especially ones you don't know intimately), your synopsis and let them tell you what they would call the piece. You can offer five dollars, free candy, or even a free copy of the book for their help. These suggestions can go onto your brainstorming list as well. 


Though of another method that should be added to this book title generation list? Let us know! 


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