Book Creation and Publishing

Book Creation and Publishing

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Publishing your book idea is hard work...that you don't have to do! 

Need more time to pay? Choose 'Installment Payments' at checkout or apply for PayPal Credit now. 

Fiction, non-fiction, poetry, children's books, self-help—we accept just about any project! 

1. Choose your preferred book length. 

2. Upload a .pdf or .docx with your idea. It can be as little as a few sentences, we just need some idea of what you want. 

3. Submit your payment. Be sure to complete all contact information so that we can get in touch with you for clarifications. 

4. We'll be in contact via email for clarification. 

5. The creation and publishing process begins! 


The Process

  • We create a list of title options as well as a book outline for you to approve. 
  • We create the manuscript. 
  • We edit the story / information. 
  • We edit the copy. 
  • We submit the draft for you to review. 
  • We create a cover and blurb. 
  • We purchase the ISBNs (digital and print) and get a Library of Congress Control Number. 
  • We set up your author email account. 
  • We set up your KDP account. 
  • We format your manuscript for print distribution and upload to
  • We format your manuscript for electronic distribution and upload to
  • We set up pre-ordering on and at 
  • We announce your release date to our followers on social media.  
  • You officially become a published author!