Slight Short Story Contest

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Submit your short story of between 3,000 and 5,000 words to compete against writers from all over the country.

Submission Guidelines

  • View the contest terms and conditions and ask questions as needed. 
  • Upload a double-spaced .docx or .pdf file including only the name of your story and the story itself.
  • Submissions should not include any information identifying the author, such as a name, a photograph, email address, etc. 
  • Keep your story between 3,000 and 5,000 words. 
  • Keep your story relatively clear of errors such as missing words or misspellings. 
  • Submit a story you think will 'wow' the judges. 
  • This contest does not have a set topic, so the winning story could be a supernatural romance, a dystopian horror, psychological thriller, or even just a recounting of someone's first time getting drunk. Be creative and have fun! 

Ballooning Cash Prize

The more entries we get, the bigger the cash pot. All the way up to $2,400 for first place! That can buy a lot of books!

Ample Submission Time

Need some time to whip up a competitive masterpiece for the contest? No problem! Our contests last months, not days, so you have plenty of time to create a something specifically for this competition or to polish something you've already written.

Try and Try Again

Submit as many times as you like! We know most creative people have more than one story in them, so there's no reason to limit yourself to just one entry!

Prize Packs

First Place: 

  • $20 cash (via CashApp or mailed money order)
  • $50 in Pleascentries merchandise
  • $90 in premium consignment placement at
  • $500 off book publishing services from Volo Press Books
  • Placement on the Winners page at
  • Announcement of their winning story across Volo Press Books’ social media profiles
  • The winning story will be featured in the Volo Press Books newsletter


Second Place: 

  • $5 cash (via CashApp or mailed money order)
  • $25 in Pleascentries merchandise
  • $100 off book publishing services from Volo Press Books



The Judging Process

  • Your entry is received and reviewed for eligibility by the Executive Judge.
  • That judge then reads and rates the entry.
  • It is then passed along to the guest judges for review and rating.
  • Once the contest deadline has passed, the top five entries from the guest judges are chosen.
  • The Executive Judge then adds their rating to the scores of those top five and the winner is the entry with the highest combined score. The second highest becomes the second place winner.