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Go relax while we take a bird's-eye view of your work and make sure that it all fits together smoothly. Are scenes in an order that makes sense? Do the chapters disseminate information in the most user-friendly way? We'll help you make sure!

Upload your manuscript and we'll get back to your with a customized project proposal outlining an approximate completion date and a total cost. We understand you're likely just shopping around, so please understand that requesting a quote does not mean you're obligated to purchase. We're just happy to be considered by you! 


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Manuscript Editing FAQs

Do I need an editor for my manuscript? 

Of course not. There are plenty of people (literally hundreds of thousands) who publish books every day that not a single professional editor has ever laid eyes on. But in a competitive market like that, it's in your best interest to gobble up every advantage you can find that will make readers fall in love with your work over the next author's. Getting your manuscript edited is a critical key to the success of your book once it hits the market. Saying you don't need an editor is kind of like saying you don't need to breathe. Of course you don't need to...if you're okay with dying. 

How long is my content editing quote good for? 

Six months. If you come back to make a purchase on the same project during that time, you'll pay the same price you were quoted, even if our rates have gone up since you received your quote. We understand that it can take time to consider all of your options before choosing who you're going to trust your precious material with. We respect that! 


What happens if I have to stop making payments on my editing services? 

Nothing catastrophic. Unlike some editing services, we don't punish you for having a life. We know things happen (pregnancies, natural disasters, job loss, robbery, etc.) and there may come a time when you are not able to make payments as frequently as you'd planned. If this happens, your project will simply be paused. You may resume payments and resume your project any time within six months after the last payment was received. No late fees, no project abandonment, no interest charges. This is the beauty of using a pre-paid service like Volo Press! 


How long will it take to edit my book? 

This will vary based on the length of the book, of course. A novelette will be finished more quickly than an epic-length book. The shortest amount of time would be 30 days, in most cases. Don't forget that, since services are pre-paid, that means that your payment consistency will directly affect the project timeline as well. For example, let's say you order editing services for a novelette on January 1st. The project could be completed by February 1st. If you pay your $100 balance up front, it will be completed by that date. If you choose to pay $25 per week, it will be completed by February 8th if you pay consistently because you are making a payment for $25 of editing to be done in the following week. But if you miss a payment, that will push the scheduled completion date back a week to February 15th.