The 12-Month Manuscript

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How long does it take to write a book? 

Some freaks of nature can write a book in a couple of weeks. Other, more common, folks can take multiple decades to write a book. In five chapters, Tenesha L. Curtis will show you how to get it done in a single year. 

Writing a manuscript is more about time management than it is about talent or skill. In the time that it takes you to write a few tweets or a couple of Facebook posts, you could be working toward your dream of becoming a published author. 

The 12-Month Manuscript

is designed to help busy people get started fastThis is not your typical 100,000+ word tome reflecting on a mass of flowery theories about writing a book. This is a book for people who want to accomplish something now, not later. 

The 12-Month Manuscript by Tenesha L. Curtis is currently in production. Release is currently scheduled for early 2020. 

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