Book Publishing


what is book publishing?


Publishing a book means that you present it to the world for circulation. Sometimes you do so at no cost to the reader (for example, a marketing e-book meant to help a business connect with potential customers), but more often you publish a book in order to sell it at a profit. 

Book printing is often mistaken with publishing by people who are new to the industry. There are some companies who use words like 'publishing' in their business name, but who don't actually take a book through any quality control processes. Like asking someone at Staples or Office Depot to print something out for you, these entities print whatever you send them, regardless of the condition that the manuscript is in. They have no vested interest in seeing your book succeed because they are simply being paid to print and bind the book. Nothing else. 

What is Self-publishing?


Self-publishing means managing the entire publishing process yourself. This includes making arrangements for the writing, editing, formatting, administrative tasks (Library of Congress Control Number, ISBN, etc.), publicizing, and promotion your book. 

Do I have to self-publish alone?

Not at all! You can always consult with a professional. Volo Press can provide you with outlining, title creation, book coaching, ghostwriting, content editing, copy editing, digital and print formatting, proofreading, cover design, critique, and promotion services to help you complete the publishing process. Doing it all on your own would definitely save you money. But the amount of time and effort it would take, and the fact that the quality of your work would likely suffer, is why reaching out to the pros is a standard part of the self-publishing process. Whenever you're ready, get a service quote from Volo Press to help you shop. 

How much of my royalties do I get to keep?

100%. Because you are hiring Volo Press to provide a service for you (as you would hire a landscaper or a photographer), you are able to keep every dime of the proceeds from your book. As a bonus, you'll always have a place on the web that's helping you promote your work because you have become part of the Volo Press family of products! 

With commercial publishers, you're likely to keep between 1% and 20% of your royalties. 

How long does my book have to be?

You have a lot of wiggle room with the length, but you will generally want to have a book that is at least 3,000 words long in order to publish appropriately and still be cost-effective to print. When it comes to children's book, that number can be a lot lower since we're relying more on illustrations that word count to fill pages. Complete a quote request so we can discuss your project further. 

are there any projects you won't accept?

No one has come to us with a project we've refused. It's not to say this can't happen, but it would have to be pretty heinous for us to pass on it (think 101 Ways to Kill Black People and Not Get Caught or something along those lines). 

Do you offer support for authors?

Of course. You can call, text, email, or direct message us any time if you have a question or would like to make alterations to your project. Get started today!