Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time with or without notice. Please review this page regularly for updates. 

♥ Publishing Services ♥

Volo Press offers book publishing services to individuals and businesses. Volo Press cannot and does not make or imply any guarantees about the success of a project once it is completed. 

Books published through Volo Press will carry the Volo Press logo and a Volo Press imprint ISBN. 

Each project taken on by Volo Press is pre-paid. This means that no service that is part of the publishing process will be completed until funds for that service have been secured. "Secured" does not mean that the funds were sent or promised. "Secured" means that the funds have reached Volo Press and are usable. 

Any author working with Volo Press is welcome to terminate their relationship with the company at any time. However, Volo Press will not relinquish any content that has not been paid for up to the point of termination. 

Volo Press uses email and cloud services such as Google Docs and DropBox to complete publishing projects and communicate with authors.   Volo Press makes every effort to ensure that content stored, sent, and received via these methods are protected, but there is no way to fully guarantee there will never be any sort of data breach at one of these companies that may affect Volo Press and its customers. Authors are encouraged to take precautions by making certain that their manuscript and its updates are stored in multiple ways in order to ensure quick retrieval after an incidence of digital theft, corruption, or loss. 

♥ Consignment Sales

You are signifying your agreement to the terms outlined below when you do any one of the following: submit a book stock request form, send your books to The Den to be placed on the sales floor (via drop off or mail shipment), or accept payment from The Den for copies of your book that were sold during the previous month. 


The Den will accept on consignment any books that belong to the consignee as the owner of the copyright or the original creator of that book. If the author uses a pen name that is not the same as their legal name, The Den may request that other proof be shown that the author penned the content of the book. Any books that are stolen or for which the potential consignee cannot provide proof of authorship may be rejected. 


After this form is submitted, books may be dropped off at The Den during normal business hours. If the books need to be dropped off outside of normal business hours, the author may email Publish@VoloPressBooks.com in order to make other arrangements. Authors should also email a notice that books have been shipped and include a tracking number for the shipment. Volo Press and The Den are not responsible for merchandise mishandled, lost, or stolen by mail carriers. 


Authors will be notified via email when their books have sold out. As The Den is able, authors will be notified when they have only one book left in stock so that they can give The Den more copies to put on the sales floor. Any opportunities for sales missed because the author's book was out of stock is the responsibility of the author. Authors are encouraged to stop in and physically check on their book stocks periodically. 


Unless otherwise specified on this form, books will be sold at The Den for whatever price they are being offered for on Amazon rounded up to the nearest dollar. For example, if a book is selling for $19.99 on Amazon, it will sell for $20 at The Den.

The Den will keep 30% of the profit from each sale of the author's book(s). Profit consists of the sale price less the tax rate in The Den's area (currently 8% in Tucker, Georgia).  For example, a book that sells for $15.00 creates a profit of $13.80. 30% of $13.80 is $4.14 (to The Den). The remaining $9.66 would go to the author.

The Den will make payments available to authors on or before the fifth business day of each month. After your books are received, you will be added to an email list especially for authors with books being sold at The Den. An email will be sent out on the first business day of each month informing authors of who will have checks waiting for them at The Den for pickup (if they chose that disbursement format). 

The Den will be closed on the following holidays and observances (when they fall on a normal business day): New Year's Day, MLK Day, George Washington's Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Eve, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year's Eve. 

For authors who opt for Zelle payments, their funds will be electronically delivered to their bank on or before the fifth business day of the month. The Den has no control over when those funds will be available for use. Contact your banking institutions customer service line check funds availability policies. 


Authors who choose to receive premium placement at The Den will be charged $30 per month. This payment may be submitted in cash or electronically through the VoloPressBooks.com site. Premium placement means that the author will receive 90% of the profits from each sale for that book (example: $15.00 sales price = $13.80 profit = $12.42 to the author and $1.38 to The Den). 

Premium placement fees must be paid by the 25th day of the previous month. If a payment is made between the 25th and the end of the month, the fee is increased by $5 per day late ($30 on the 25th, $35 on the 26th, $40 on the 27th on up to $60 on the 31st). 

Premium placement benefits include: 90% of profits from book sales, dedicated shelf space, cover facing customers, discount requirement status (as applicable). bar code cards, web sales via VoloPressBooks.com, featured social media posts all throughout the month, dedicated sales link in Volo Press newsletter. These services are meant to be a single component of an author's overall marketing strategy. No guarantees can or will be made regarding how much of a boost in sales the book may receive from purchasing these services. 


Book placement at The Den is indefinite by default. If an author would like to impose a time limit, they may do so by retrieving their books when they no longer want them offered for sale at The Den. If management deems that a book should be removed from The Den shelves for any reason, they will remove the books and notify the author.